edilizia como CONSTRUCTION

The skills acquired in over 60 years of activity define our experience in different types of construction: single and multi-family residences, industrial, logistics and commerce buildings, and healthcare facilities.
For each type of customer, we offer different levels of service, from project-based construction to more complex offers that include the study of architectural, structural and plant design.
The presence on the territory is our guarantee of seriousness and transparency that continues even after the sale: our customers know that they will have assistance for any need after the purchase, with the same quality and attention to detail that distinguishes our creations.
Quality is an aspect that can be seen and touched: our exclusive and customized solutions are designed to improve well-being and living comfort by combining it with energy savings.

edilizia como RESTORATION

Experience, research and continuous experimentation on numerous interventions to churches, bell towers, religious buildings have contributed to forming a highly professional competence both on the restoration interventions and on the conservative renovations of buildings protected by the Superintendence for Architectural Heritage and Landscape.
Our structure is able to offer solutions for the maintenance and recovery of historic facades, roofs and roofs, internal or external masonry structures.
The SOA certification for the OG2 category and the certification of the Quality, Safety and Environmental System allows us to offer our qualified collaboration to Religious Bodies, Parishes, Public Administrations or private citizens, with the best quality-price solution.


Road construction requires specific equipment and skilled labor.
Our company, over the years, has perfected itself in the sector, has structured and built itself with the necessary skills, studies solutions to intervene on road networks, minimizing the environmental impact, guaranteeing safety and trying to obstruct as little as possible the vehicle flow.
We have a large fleet of machines, articulated and owned, which allows us to intervene from the most difficult roads in suburban and difficult to reach contexts, to the busiest road belts in contexts of the city center.
We have a plant for the delivery of the resulting materials with transformation and processing of the material conferred for subsequent recycling, reuse and regeneration which makes us competitive in the commercial quality-price evaluations.


In the circular economy philosophy our reference to create a product with a high level of thermal and housing comfort. Quality is a decisive factor when it comes to wellness and health.
We offer solutions that optimize comfort and well-being in the home with the minimum expenditure of energy through the design according to the principles of bioclimatics, the use of natural, renewable and recycled materials for construction, the creation of a thermally insulated coverage and the management of energy consumption through integration with systems of production of energy from renewable sources.
Green choices that concern the finished product but start from the construction process and even earlier from company management.
The company has a proprietary structure intended for the transfer of the resulting materials of processing and a processing plant for subsequent recycling, reuse and regeneration with a view to the contraction and remodulation of consumption in harmony with the underlying belief in the economy circular.

edilizia como PUBLIC LIGHTING

In the public lighting sector, we offer a complete and flexible offer to current market needs.
The philosophy of maximum energy and economic savings is combined with visual comfort and optimal lighting performance. As a company qualified by the Enel group in the lighting sector, our staff is able to intervene on promiscuous systems, subject to agreement with the owners of the system and the network managers, as they are authorized to perform live activities.
In the company portfolio, the redevelopment of lighting systems in numerous municipalities on Lake Como including Tremezzo, Lenno, Sala Comacina, Dizzasco but also the refurbishment of the systems of the most important lakeside promenades such as Cernobbio, Lenno, Menaggio, Gravedona, Domaso, Dongo, Argegno and Bellagio.
We adapt the new energy-saving LED technology to all possible design requests: roads, interchanges, roundabouts and underpasses, but also historic centers, pedestrian areas, squares or contexts of architectural value, up to gardens, green areas and parks, enhancing and carefully protecting the cultural connotation of the specific context of the intervention, while responding to the appeal of the circular economy.

edilizia como ELECTRIC LINES

Our company is qualified to create secondary cabins or transmission lines for connection to new energy sources such as photovoltaic, hydroelectric and biomass plants, connecting them to the existing electricity network with the prior authorization of the network operator.
In the field of energy transmission, we position ourselves as a subject equipped with all the necessary authorizations for the construction and maintenance of overhead and underground MV, LV and secondary substations power lines.